Seeking legal protection

Action against public authorities

If you would like an official action to be reviewed by the administrative court, various legal remedies are possible. If an official administrative act has already been issued, you can refer to the instructions for a legal appeal printed on the act itself for the correct legal action and the competent administrative court in your case.

In urgent cases, you also have the option of filing a request for provisional measures with the administrative court.

In certain areas of the law, you have the choice of first filing an objection with the responsible authority or taking legal action directly before the administrative court.

When writing the administrative courts, please note that in order to be considered, submissions must be made in German.

Action against decisions of the administrative courts

If you consider the decision of an administrative court to be incorrect, you can have it reviewed by the Higher Administrative Court of Bavaria. The information on a possible appeal can be found in the appeal instructions at the end of the decision of the administrative court.

Please note that the application must be filed with the administrative court and that you must already be represented by a lawyer for this application.