Judicial districts

In Bavaria, there is generally one administrative court for each administrative district. One exception to this is the Regensburg Administrative Court, which for historical reasons is responsible for the administrative districts of Niederbayern and Oberpfalz. The seat of the administrative courts is determined in each case by the seat of the district governments. The Free State of Bavaria is divided into a total of six administrative court districts.

The Higher Administrative Court of Bavaria, as the highest Bavarian administrative court, is responsible for the entire Free State of Bavaria and has its seat in Munich with a branch office in Ansbach. The Higher Adminstrative Court of Bavaria has first-instance jurisdiction for certain proceedings, such as the review of the validity of subordinate state law (e.g. development plans) or disputes relating to certain major technical projects (e.g. major wind power plants) throughout Bavaria. The court also has jurisdiction for 2nd-instance court proceedings for the whole of Bavaria.